Citizen Spring

Citizen Spring is a project of Connected Future Labs that launched in June of 2016. It is an iOS application that brings water quality testing into the 21st century and empowers individuals to identify safe drinking water, free of lead and other contaminants. Working with readily available water test kits, the CitizenSpring app uses computer vision to read the test results and then uploads the results to a map, crowdsourcing the identification of safe water in our communities.


Citizen Spring was a personal project of Sean Montgomery. It was driven by the devastating events in Flint, Michigan and by a frustration over feeling powerless to know, as citizens, what is in our drinking water.

My role in this project was any and all design decisions and creations, including branding, platform aesthetic, animation, web design, and app design. Aside from creating all the assets, I helped oversee our Kickstarter campaign and was involved in publicity outreach, social media, and organizing live demos. When necessary, I worked directly with our engineer to create assets that would work seamlessly with the backend. 

The project and campaign was intended to be a 3-month sprint during 2016. This placed strong emphasis on the need for pleasing, yet simple and effective designs.


These are design iterations for both web and mobile with the idea of creating a simple and clear interface.

An early web design mockup.

An early web design mockup.


Mobile site designs


Designs for a mobile application demo. Click to enlarge images.



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TOOLS:  Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects

ROLE:  Solo Graphics & UX Designer, Animation, Web & App Design